Here is a list of the most commonly requested Ordinances/Resolutions. If an ordinance/resolution that you are interested in is not listed, please give a phone call to the City Clerk at 620-396-8214 and we will list it on our website.


You will need the free Adobe PDF Reader to see these documents. Get it here if you don’t already have it. http://get.adobe.com/reader/



1. Water Service Rules: Ord#384W WaterServiceRules

2. Water and Sewer rates: Ord#383 Water Sewer Rates

3. Animal Control: Ord#1539 Animal Control

4. Fireworks: Ord#1335 Fireworks

5. Declaring Structures Unsafe: Ord#1361 Declaring Structures Unsafe

6. Vehicles, Weeds, Trash, Nuisance: Ord#1362 Vehicles Weeds Trash Nuisance

7. Burning in the City: Ord#1380 Burning in City

8. RV Parking in the City: Ord#1411 RV Parking

9. Court Costs: Ord#1429 Court Costs

10. Salary and Compensation: Ord#1430 Salary and Compensation

11. Dogs Limited No Kennels: Ord#1440 Dogs Limited No Kennels

12. Large Truck Parking: Ord#1457 Large Truck Parking

13. Standard Traffic 2014: Ord#1461 Standard Traffic 2014

13. Uniform Public Code 2014: Ord#1462 Uniform Public Code 2014

14. Propane Tanks in City: Ord#1465 Propane Tanks in City



1. Ditches and Culverts: Res#164 Ditches and Culverts

2. Hazard Mitigation Plan: Res#169 Hazard Mitigation Plan

3. Returned Check Policy: Res #171 Returned Check Policy